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Our Story


The Vision

Charlie Hong Kong opened in 1998 in Santa Cruz, CA, aiming to provide healthy, abundant, and fast "real" food. Charlie, the original chef and the "Charlie" in Charlie Hong Kong, created a restaurant that is inspired by Southeast Asian street food and locally grown organic produce. We have preserved that vision while promoting our own belief that everyone needs to eat their “greens”

Quality First

We offer sustainably raised protein toppings for fish, chicken, and meat enthusiasts, preparing fresh and fast food for health-conscious individuals. Charlie Hong Kong embodies the passion of Carolyn and Rudy, who are dedicated to supporting organic farms on the Central Coast and providing affordable, sustainable food for the community. Their love for organic local food extends wherever they go.

Located near organic farms on the Central Coast of California, Charlie Hong Kong sources an abundance of organic greens for our Signature Bowls. We receive freshly harvested local organic produce in the early morning, where our head cook begins preparing 500 pounds of organic produce, making sauces, charring ginger and onion, and slow-roasting meats for our flavorful dishes. All of this is done in our 600 sq. feet re-purposed 1950s ice cream stand with a covered patio, creating a space for communal dining.

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