Love Your Body, Eat Organic!

Sustainable & Affordable

Our mission: to serve our community by providing healthy, sustainable, and affordable food, served quickly and with care. Our vegan based menu features gluten free options and an abundance of organic locally grown greens and vegetables. Slow cooked- and served fast!  Our commitment: to create high quality and sustainable food and serve at low prices in a street food atmosphere. We welcome loud kids, cute dogs, overworked students, and relaxed seniors 7 days a week from 11-11, for busy people who care about what they eat.

As a certified Green Business, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and keeping your body healthy. Our kitchen composts as part of Santa Cruz’s local compost program, our organic tofu is made locally just for us, and our vegetables are sourced locally from organic farms on the Central Coast of California.

Organic Greens from Organic Farms

Charlie Hong Kong is located close to the organic farms on the central coast of California, that provide the abundance of organic greens we serve in all our Signature Bowls. Freshly harvested local organic produce is delivered early in the morning. By 6:30 am, our head cook begins the daily chopping and preparing of 500 pounds of organic produce. Sauces are prepared. Whole ginger and onion charred over open flame to add to the huge pot of bone broth, to make our healing chicken soup. Meats braised for a slow roast in the oven.  All this done, in the 600 sq. feet re-purposed 1950’s, ice cream stand. A covered patio, offers community dining. Eat at the restaurant, or take away.

Prepared Fresh Daily

Charlie LoveHong Kong is a unique fusion, inspired by the savory flavors of Southeast Asia, with the abundance of locally grown organic produce. A Vegan focused menu, with options of fish, chicken or meat, to top your bowl. Welcoming Vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. The food is prepared fresh daily, from the healthiest ingredients, with a focus on organic. The menu reflects meals eaten at street stands in Southeast Asia, with a twist. Food served-up fast, for busy people who care about what they eat.


“Charlie Hong Kong is a hidden gem in santa cruz. They have several different bowl options that work for everyone whether you are vegetarian or a meat eater.” Johnathan S.

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“This feels like one of those places you would see featured on a food tv show!… The food is so tasty its mouth watering delicious! If you’ve never been here? Then this is a must! Great Food served in a hip trendy atmosphere.” Paulina L.

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“Excellent vegan options. Open late in a very poor town for late dining options. Fair price with brown rice too!” Darren S.

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“Super fresh and full of flavor. Love everything on the menu, even got my teenage son to enjoy tofu so they are doing it right here” Danielle C.

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