Welcome To Charlie Hong Kong


In 1998, Charlie Hong Kong was opened on a bustling street corner in Santa Cruz, CA. The purpose: to create a neighborhood eatery with a menu that offers healthy, abundant, flavorful food, at good value, served fast.  Our commitment: to create high quality “real” food, sustainably produced, at affordable prices.  A covered outdoor patio, provides community style dining, to eat at the restaurant, or take away.

Charlie Hong Kong is a unique fusion, inspired by the savory flavors of Southeast Asia, with the abundance of locally grown organic produce and a Vegan focused menu.  Fish, chicken and meat options are also available, welcoming both vegetarians and meat eaters.  The food is prepared fresh daily, from the healthiest ingredients, with a focus on organic.  The menu reflects meals eaten at street stands in Southeast Asia, with a twist.  Food served-up fast, for busy people who care about what they eat.

“Love Your Body, Eat Organic.”