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Earth Day

Today is EARTH DAY. I woke early, remember today is Earth Day. I contemplate, what does it mean to have a day that is declared Earth Day? My attention is drawn to an owl hoot outside my window. As I wander on my way to the kitchen, I hear a bird call, tweet, then chatter, and wish I had the knowledge to identify who this is. I notice two small birds active on a rosemary hedge. I live in a place that allows me intimacy with nature. The deep Monterey Bay holds Santa Cruz, like an embrace. The mountains rise out of the bay with the grandeur of ancient redwood trees. A million years ago geological activity formed the magnificence of this area we call Santa Cruz. We may forget, caught in the busyness of our lives, especially with the challenges of this past year, 2020. We are surrounded by boundless opportunities to connect with the ocean, trees, a rainbow variety of animals; the endless imaginative creation of the natural world. We humans share this place with cayotes, bobcats, squirrels, racoons, an abundance of birds, gophers (yes, I’m annoyed at the ones digging through my garden), and even mountain lions roam down suburban streets. I love the small lizards, like tiny T. rex, darting through my garden. Last week a snake slithered across my path, as I walked at Seymour Marine Lab.

I’ve attended most Earth Day celebrations over the decades. A number of years ago I unearthed in a box a somewhat frayed around the edges a poster of an Earth Day event from 1995. I hung it in my kitchen. The earth, our mother, fecund with life in its many forms.

Today I celebrate by turning my focus on the miracle of the earth. Yes, I am aware of the enormous challenges we face but just for today I choose to celebrate the earth. We are located in the geographic center of a wealth of organic farms. Lakeside Organics, the farm that supplies the majority of the organic produce for Charlie Hong Kong, is committed to enhancing the integrity of the soil. Soil being the key ingredient in the nutritional quality of the vegetables. Charlie Hong Kong is commitment to the health of our community. Feeding people is a Spiritual act of generosity. To nourish one’s body is to nourish the earth. This may be a bold statement; Cheap processed food means there is suffering. Suffering to the earth and suffering to humans. As a vision, I believe access to healthy food should be everyone’s birthright. What better way to celebrate Earth Day, then sharing a healthy, fresh meal with friends and loved ones, in the cool crisp air on this overcast Central Coast Earth Day. To toast withgratitude our access to the gift of the natural world around us. To take a moment to: hug a tree, stare at the sky, watch a wave break, listen to the bark of the elephant seals at the harbor, share an act of kindness.

You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one…

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