Why do we refer to our food as “Organic Asian Street Food”?  When traveling through Asia, we (both my husband and I) loved to eat at food stalls that dotted the alleys, markets and roads.  This food represented the region. It was inexpensive, prepared quickly, and very tasty.  Workers, businessmen and women shoppers would stand (or squat) or perhaps sit in the couple of chairs provided, shoulder to shoulder enjoying noodles or rice, generally served simply in a large banana leaf.  This was humble food prepared to order, usually offering, only one item.  I once read a definition in a book about Thailand, that has stayed with me. “Street food: a place to grab home cooked food, while moving about in your busy day.”  That’s how I want people to think of Charlie Hong Kong; a place to grab a nourishing, (easier then cooking at home), food, while out and about in your busy day or night.

“Organic Asian Street Food”

The organic is our commitment to using organic produce, as well as, as many organic products as feasible.  The Asian refers to the South East Asian flavor influences in our food.  Since our Signature Bowls are vegan, this makes us unique and different from authentic Asian noodle and rice bowls, where fish sauce and shrimp paste are a staple ingredient.  Nuoc Mam (fish sauce ) is know to create “umami”.  Umami is an ingredient, when combined with other ingredients, makes food hum or brings out the, yummy, this tastes really good.  We use fish sauce in many of our non vegan dishes for that extra taste oomph.  Fish sauce was chosen, as the ingredient of the year, 2010, by Gourmet Magazine.

Out and about in your busy day?  Hungry for a home cooked meal to eat-in or take-out?  Join us at Charlie Hong Kong.

Happy eating,