An interesting question! Charlie Hong Kong cares about what’s on your plate. Our food is free from poisons/pesticides and GMO’s, sustainably grown and harvested, offered at affordable prices. Combining spices, herbs, daily made sauces, organic vegetables, free range chicken, antibiotic/hormone free meats, organic/sustainable salmon-using the elements of earth, water, sky, that nourish. Charlie Hong Kong believes, to eat healthy Real Food, is our birthright.

Our morning kitchen is a feast for all the senses; the sounds of chopping, the smells of aromas rising, the plethora of vibrant colors.  Bringing together the bounty of nature with the work and care of humans. Charlie Hong Kong takes this wild abundance and creates Spicy Dan, Pad Thai, Chow Mein, Vietnamese Chicken Noodle soup and much more.

Charlie Hong Kong has deep respect and gratitude, to those responsible for this bounty: the many unseen faces, doing the difficult job of harvesting, the organic farmers, packers, truckers, cooks, restaurant staff, all vital for the food we serve you.

“What’s on my plate?”, think about Charlie Hong Kong.