What People Are Saying About Charlie Hong Kong

From Yelp!

“The food is consistently fresh, flavorful and generous. ”

“This amazing little gem is a wonderful, magical, tasty place.”

“I love Charlie Hong Kong, everytime I’m here the food is consistently great.

“Delicious, healthy, organic food. Vegan, vege and meat-loving friendly.”

From TripAdvisor

“Very healthy. Great taste. Generous portions. Fast. Well priced.”

“excellent creative cuisine, lots of vegetarian and vegan options and a sunny, fun vibe that seems utterly Californian.”

From Urban Spoon

“This is one of my favorite places to eat in Santa Cruz.”

“Truely a great place to eat. The ingredients are all fresh and organic.”

“..all organic and healthy food that I can feel good about eating without sacrificing taste.”