“Love Your Body Eat Organic!”

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(except where noted-GF by request) 

Charlie Hong Kong uses 100% Gluten Free, GMO free Tamari

Specials-chalkboard (left of order window)

Seasonal Special: Butternut Squash Soup: Bowl $6.25 Cup $3.25

Ginger Lemonade: A refreshing drink of brewed ginger infused into freshly squeezed Meyers lemon juice $2.50

Kung Pao Chicken $10.00  Kung Pao Tofu (organic) $9.45   Kung Pao Prawns $12.00

Organic Stir Fried Veggies:  veggie medley, carrots, mushrooms,  house made Teriyaki sauce, wok cooked in California “heart healthy ” rice bran oil (veggies only)   $5.20

Teriyaki Chicken Salad $7.45

 Teriyaki Zucchini Topping $2.30

(Check the Specials Board for additional items not featured on the regular menu!)

How to order our Bowls:

Laughing Phoenix Red Curry

1. Select a Bowl  

2. Choose a Topping

All Signature Bowls Vegan- $6.50

Charlie’s Pad Thai 

Wide rice noodles stir-fried with organic veggie medley in a tangy tomato-tamarind sauce, with organic peanuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, carrots & scallions

Charlie’s Chow Mein- GF by request

Eggless wheat noodles, organic veggie medley, and mushrooms in our black bean sauce with bean sprouts, carrots, and scallions

Spicy Dan’s Peanut Delight- GF by request 

Eggless wheat noodles and organic veggie medley in a spicy organic coconut peanut sauce, with organic peanuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, carrots, and scallions

Laughing Phoenix Red Curry 

Organic yams, carrots, daikon, simmered in a tomato-coconut curry, greens & broccoli with bean sprouts, cilantro and scallions, over Jasmine rice*

Gado Gado 

Stir-fried organic veggie medley, mushrooms, in a black bean and spicy organic peanut sauce, with organic peanuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, carrots, scallions, and limes with Jasmine rice* – available mild

Chaing Mai Noodles-GF by request

Stir-fried eggless wheat noodles and organic veggies in yellow Thai coconut curry with scallions, bean sprouts and cilantro

Green Curry Noodles (Not Vegan contains fish sauce) FG by request

Eggless wheat noodles and organic veggies stir-fried in our exotic coconut green curry sauce


Smaller Bowls Vegan- $5.20

Little Dan’s Delight- GF by request

Eggless wheat noodles and organic vegetable medley in a mild organic peanut sauce, garnished with organic peanuts

Little Ninja Rice Bowl 

Organic vegetables with a teriyaki sauce, served over Jasmine rice* and garnished with organic peanuts

*Substitute Organic brown rice add .75


Toppings: (Perfect added on to any bowl) gluten-free

Teriyaki Salmon ToppingSzechuan Mushroom Medley (Vegan)-  $2.95
Portabella, crimini and white mushrooms marinated in a spicy mixture of our own black bean, organic tomatoes, chili garlic sauce

Organic Sweet Garlic Tofu (Vegan)-$2.95  Locally made organic tofu, in fresh ginger, green onion, and sweet chili sauce

Green Curry Chicken-$3.50
Sustainably raised, free range Rocky chicken, infused with an exotic blend of green curry, in a cilantro-mint coconut sauce

Chicken Teriyaki-$3.50
Sustainably raised, free range, Rocky chicken breast, marinated in our Teriyaki sauce

Hoisin Pork-$3.50
Braised then slowly roasted in fresh ginger and our Hoisin sauce (hormone and antibiotic free)

Spicy Ginger Beef- $3.50
Braised, slowly roasted beef in a spicy blend of fresh ginger and chili garlic sauce (hormone and antibiotic free)

Teriyaki Salmon- $5.50
Certified Organic, farmed indigenous Canadian King salmon, sautéed to order in our Teriyaki Sauce

Tiger Prawns- $5.50
Sautéed in Teriyaki sauce (6)

Rice Bowls

Hoisin Pork Rice BowlProtein topping on top of Jasmine rice (substitute organic brown rice add $.75), garnished with organic grated carrots and green onions. gluten-free.

Mushroom Medley Rice Bowl- $6.40

Sweet Garlic Tofu Rice Bowl- $6.40

Green Curry Chicken Rice Bowl- $6.95

Hoisin Pork Rice Bowl- $6.95

Spicy Ginger Beef Rice Bowl- $6.95

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl- $6.95

Teriyaki Salmon (certified organic)Rice Bowl- $8.95

Tiger Prawn Rice Bowl- $8.95

Soups and Salads (Vegan)

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup (Pho Ga)- $6.75
Carefully prepared aromatic, star anise infused, chicken broth made with sustainably grown Rocky chickens.  Served with chicken breast, wide rice noodles, accompanied with a side of bean sprouts, basil, jalapeno peppers and fresh limes (Non-Vegan)

Salad WrapThai Coconut-Mushroom Soup- $4.75
Organic Napa cabbage, crimini & white mushrooms in a spicy, tangy coconut broth

Butternut Squash Soup(seasonal)-Bowl $6.25 Cup $3.25 

Goddess of Springtime Salad- $5.20
Organic baby spinach, red leaf lettuce, marinated carrots and daikon tossed in a creamy Tahini lime dressing

Chili Sesame Noodle Salad- $5.50
Eggless wheat noodles, avocado, organic baked tofu, organic red leaf lettuce, carrots, and bean sprouts in a light, sweet-chili sesame dressing

Salad Wrap- $3.20
Marinated organic lettuce, organic carrots and daikon, avocado, rice vermicelli noodles, fresh mint, rolled in a rice paper wrap served with our signature Hoisin sauce

Vietnamese Sandwiches

Petite baguette baked daily, in-house, with marinated organic carrot/daikon mix, jalapenos peppers, fresh mint, cilantro and spiced mayo

Mushroom Medley Sandwich- $6.45

Sweet Garlic Tofu Sandwich- $6.45

Green Curry Chicken Sandwich- $7.25

Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich- $7.25

Hoisin Pork Sandwich- $7.25

Ginger Beef Sandwich- $7.25

Teriyaki Salmon(certified organic) Sandwich- $9.00

Tiger Prawn Sandwich-$9.00

Side Orders

Eggless Wheat or Rice Noodles- $1.75

Spicy or Mild Organic Peanut Sauce- $1.50

Jasmine Rice- $1.50

Organic Brown Rice- $1.95

Organic Vegetable Medley mixed greens- $2.95
Red and green chard, cabbage, broccoli, mustard greens, and bok choy