How to order Bowls:

1. Select a Bowl  2. Choose a Protein Topper

Signature Bowls Vegan V– $7.00

Signature Bowls:

Charlie’s Pad Thai V

  • Wide rice noodles stir-fried with organic veggie medley in a tangy tomato-tamarind sauce, with organic peanuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, carrots & scallions

Charlie’s Chow Mein V– GF by request

  • Eggless wheat noodles, organic veggie medley, and mushrooms in our black bean sauce with bean sprouts, carrots, and scallions

Spicy Dan’s Peanut Delight VGF by request

  • Eggless wheat noodles and organic veggie medley in a spicy organic coconut peanut sauce, with organic peanuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, carrots, and scallions

Laughing Phoenix Red Curry V 

  • Organic yams, carrots, daikon, simmered in a tomato-coconut curry, greens & broccoli with bean sprouts, cilantro and scallions, over Jasmine rice*

Gado Gado V

  • Stir-fried organic veggie medley, mushrooms, in a black bean and spicy organic peanut sauce, with organic peanuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, carrots, scallions, and limes with Jasmine rice* – available mild



Chaing Mai Noodles V– GF by request

  • Stir-fried eggless wheat noodles and organic veggies in yellow Thai coconut curry with scallions, bean sprouts and cilantro

Green Curry Noodles (Not Vegan contains fish sauce) – GF by request

  • Eggless wheat noodles and organic veggies stir-fried in our exotic coconut green curry sauce

Kids Menu (Vegan)- $5.95

Little Dan’s Noodles V– GF by request

  • Eggless wheat noodles and organic vegetable medley in a mild organic peanut sauce, garnished with organic peanuts

Little Ninja Rice Bowl V

  • Organic vegetables with a teriyaki sauce, served over Jasmine rice* and garnished with organic peanuts

*Substitute Organic brown rice add .75


Protein Toppers:

(Add onto any bowl, all gluten-free) Vegan V

Szechuan Mushroom Medley V-$3.25
  • Portabella, crimini and white mushrooms marinated in a spicy mixture of our own black bean, organic tomatoes, chili garlic sauce
Organic Sweet Garlic Tofu V-$3.25 
  • Locally made organic tofu, in fresh ginger, green onion, and sweet chili sauce
 Organic Spicy Garlic Tofu V- $3.25

Green Curry Chicken-$3.95

  • Sustainably raised, free range Rocky chicken, infused with an exotic blend of green curry, in a cilantro-mint coconut sauce
Chicken Teriyaki$3.95
  • Sustainably raised, free range, Rocky chicken breast, marinated in our Teriyaki sauce
Hoisin Pork-$3.95
  • Braised then slowly roasted in fresh ginger and our Hoisin sauce (hormone and antibiotic free)
Spicy Ginger Beef- $3.95
  • Braised, slowly roasted beef in a spicy blend of fresh ginger and chili garlic sauce (hormone and antibiotic free)
Teriyaki Salmon- $6.50
  • Certified Organic, sustainably farmed, indigenous Canadian King salmon, sautéed to order in our Teriyaki Sauce
Tiger Prawns- $6.50
  • Sautéed in Teriyaki sauce (6)

Rice Bowls

A bowl of white Jasmine rice*, garnished with organic picked grated carrots/daikon and green onions. Vegan V. All rice bowls gluten free.  *substitute eggless wheat or rice noodles (no charge).

  • Organic Teriyaki Zucchini Rice Bowl (seasonal) V $6.70
  • Mushroom Medley Rice Bowl V $6.70
  • Organic Sweet Garlic Tofu Rice Bowl V $6.70
  • Organic Spicy Garlic Tofu Rice Bowl V $6.70
  • Green Curry Chicken Rice Bowl $7.40
  • Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl $7.40
  • Hoisin Pork Rice Bowl $7.40
  • Spicy Ginger Beef Rice Bowl $7.40
  • Organic Teriyaki Salmon Rice Bowl $9.95
  • Tiger Prawn Rice Bowl $9.95


  • Substitute Organic Brown Rice $.75 
  • Organic Veggie Medley $3.50 
  • Side of Broccoli $2.50 
  • Peanut Sauce V $1.50  
  • Avocado $1.50


Hoisin Pork Rice Bowl


Soups and Salads

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup (Pho Ga)- $8.00
Slow cooked, carefully prepared aromatic, star anise infused, chicken broth made with sustainably grown Rocky chickens.  Served with chicken breast, wide rice noodles, accompanied with a side of basil, jalapeno peppers and fresh limes.

Thai Coconut-Mushroom Soup V– $4.95
Organic Napa cabbage, crimini & white mushrooms in a spicy, tangy coconut broth

Goddess of Springtime Salad V– $5.20
Organic baby spinach, red leaf lettuce, marinated orgainic carrots and daikon tossed in a creamy Tahini lime dressing

Chili Sesame Noodle Salad V– $5.95
Eggless wheat noodles, avocado, organic baked (in-house) tofu, organic red leaf lettuce, organic carrots, and bean sprouts in a light, sweet-chili sesame dressing

Salad Wrap V– $3.50
Marinated organic lettuce, organic carrots and daikon, avocado, rice vermicelli noodles, fresh mint, rolled in a rice paper wrap served with our signature Hoisin sauce

Salad Wrap


Vietnamese Sandwiches


Petite baguette baked daily, in-house, with marinated organic carrot/daikon mix, jalapenos peppers, fresh mint, cilantro and spiced mayo

  • Mushroom Medley Sandwich $6.75
  • Sweet Garlic Tofu Sandwich $6.75
  • Organic Spicy Garlic Sandwich $6.75
  • Green Curry Chicken Sandwich $8.20
  • Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich $8.20
  • Hoisin Pork Sandwich $8.20
  • Ginger Beef Sandwich $8.20
  • Teriyaki Salmon (certified organic) Sandwich $10.45




sandwich(Check the Specials Board seasonal items not featured on the regular menu!)

  • Butternut Squash Soup bowl (seasonal) V $6.25 cup $3.25 

  • Organic Teriyaki Zucchini (seasonal) V $3.25

  • Organic Kung Pao Tofu V $10.25

  • Kung Pao Prawns $12.45

  • Teriyaki Chicken Salad (seasonal) $8.25

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