My favorite for the past few weeks has been a cup of the  yummy Thai Coconut Butternut Squash Soup along with a Vietnamese Tofu Sandwich.  I actually crave the new bread and I have never been a sandwich person.  I even try to resist (old carb avoidance thing) but it’s futile.  I like the way it fits into my mouth when I bit into it.  I like the texture of the bread and most important it tastes so good. That little bit of spice from the chili mayo, combined with the tang of the marinated daikon and carrots, adds just the right zing to the soft garlic tofu.  Now here comes the awesome part.  Dip the sandwich into the soup, then into your mouth.   Be prepared for the swoon effect of the “this is sooo good” to take you over.  Kendal who works on the counter turned me onto the Butternut Squash soup as a sandwich dip.  Thanks, Kendal!  I highly recommend this addictive combination.