I’m really excited about the findings regarding gluten in our soy sauce.  I’m aware that many people are discovering they feel better eating a gluten free diet.  This can be a challenge with Asian inspired food which uses an abundance of soy sauce.  Some time last year, we inquired about a gluten free soy sauce.  We were informed that the soy sauce we were using, had no measurable  gluten.  As a results of the natural fermentation process, the gluten is processed out, to 5 parts per million.  We were hopeful but decided to do our own testing, as well.  So we put on our scientist hats and ordered a gluten testing kit from an accredited food testing lab.

According to the FDA, for a food to be considered gluten free it is required to test 20ppm or 20 parts per million.  Our lab kit had the ability to test down to 10ppm.  With bated breath, we performed the test.  The results indicated 10ppm.  We were now quite excited but performed the test 2 more times like good scientists, to be sure of our results.  Each test indicated that the soy sauce we use in our food registers 10ppm, quite a bit below the required 20ppm by the FDA.

So, it is good news for all you concerned gluten sensitive Charlie Hong Kong lovers.  Of course there are items on the menu that do not contain soy sauce.  We’ve organized a “cheat sheet” for gluten free menu choices which now includes a lot more items with the soy sauce results.   I’m working on actually organizing a gluten free hand-out for people to study.  I promise it is on my to-do list.  And of course you can always request rice or rice noodles instead of wheat noodles.