We’ve finally made the decision and we’re sticking to it.  As of April 16th the Earth Day celebration in Santa Cruz, Charlie Hong Kong, Santa Cruz will no long use plastic to-go bags.  We’ve  been moving in this direction for the past year.  Then an article in the Good Times, with an accompanying photograph of a mother otter’s desperate attempt to remove a plastic bag from her trapped baby, pushed me over the edge.  This was right here in our very own Monterey Bay.  The visual made it absolutely clear- now is the time for action.

We will offer cheery bright red re-useable Charlie Hong Kong bags for a nominal fee.  A percentage will be contributed to an environmental organization, beginning with Save Our Shores.

It’s been about a year, since we stopped carrying plastic water bottles.  After I read how many plastic bottles were ending up in our landfills, I decided as a green business it was our obligation to stop offering water in plastic bottles.  Apparently, though plastic bottles can be recycled, many people just through them away.  I had to push to not stock water bottles in our drink case because  it was such a popular item.  But we offer filtered water so it made sense, to me anyway.  Our customers have been great about it.  When asked,” Do you have bottled water?”. Reply, “No but we have filtered water outside on tap.”  Besides there is great debate about where that water in the bottles actually comes from, as well as the effects of the plastic on the water itself.

So, you can take your to-go box as is; bring in your own bag; purchase a CHK re-usable bag; use a recycled box; or some other creative option of your own.  It will be an adjustment for all of us.  Together we’ll figure this out.