Charlie Hong Kong takes the point of view, “Food is Medicine”.  We believe you are what you eat.  What you choose to put in your body matters.; matters for your health and well being as well as for the planet.  Many of the ingredients in our recipes are known for their health producing properties.  Beginning with organic produce, we use a combination of dark leafy greens for their high anti-oxident qualities.  This way when you eat here you know you’re getting  good for you greens.  Anyone who approaches Charlie Hong Kong can smell the fresh garlic and ginger known as natural immune boosters.  Many people are unaware that coconut milk, which is in many of our recipes, is anti-viral and anti-fungal.  And forget the old idea that coconut milk contains unhealthy saturated fat.  Actually coconut milk is made up of short to medium fatty acids, that are used as energy not stored like long fatty acids.  Coconut milk is rich in vitamin and minerals, including calcium.  Whole and dried herbs, known to contain medicinal  properties, are used each day when making our sauces.  Extremely important are the oils we use.  Restaurants are notorious for using old, not meant for healthy human consumption oils.  At Charlie Hong Kong we use Rice Bran oil, recognized, as the most heart healthy oil.  We also use high quality Spectrum Organic Sesame Oil.  Eating at Charlie Hong Kong is intended to be a wonderful combination, of feeding the body and soul.  Food best shared in a communal experience.  Come in, nourish your body and enjoy food that tastes really good.