Don’t feel like cooking?  Worried about getting your vitamins, minerals and proteins?  No worries-come into Charlie Hong Kong and you can be reassured you’re nourishing you body with healthy, tasty food that is served up quick!

In Santa Cruz there is an organic farmers market almost everyday of the week.  It feels natural, to me, to eat what is currently growing in the fields.  I happen to be one of those people who has to cook everyday.  I get excited about the vegetables and fruits, like works of art and can’t wait to get them home.   I always buy way to much for just my husband and I as an expression of gratitude for the incredible hard, courageous work of organic farmers. It grounds and settles me to cook.  The aromas permeate my home with goodness.  I suspect it’s in my DNA this passion for fresh, real food, as well as my desire to cook and feed people.

I know that not everyone has this need to cook.  It seems that many people are disconnected from their food source today.  Fewer and fewer people actually cook meals at home.  And no, I’m sorry to say (well not really sorry) heating pre-made frozen food in your microwave is not actually cooking.  I am aware of the pressures in our lives.  Coming home after a long day at work, lacking time to prepare a lunch to take, being tired and hungry with kids needing attention,etc etc etc   Shopping and then cooking may feel like too much. I GET IT!  According to  the Go For Health! Collaborative, (organized to combat childhood obesity, by encouraging restaurants to offer healthy options as well as to get kids moving) out of $2.00 spent on food, $1.00 is spent in a restaurant or half our meals.  So when Charlie Hong Kong was awarded the Ultimate Golden Carrot, as the “healthiest restaurant in Santa Cruz County”, it was an acknowledgment of our mission: A place that offers affordable nourishing/healthy (easier then cooking at home) food for busy hungry people.