This coming Sunday, April 22, is Earth Day.  There will be celebrations all week, including a Santa Cruz community gathering on Saturday.  How will Charlie Hong Kong honor the occasion?  Being present for the original first Earth Day, was a moving event for me.  What seems to have become a big party, though I’m not against celebrating, I felt Charlie Hong Kong needed a larger personal context for this Earth Day.

So when Sarah Wood from Edible Monterey, called to ask, if Charlie Hong Kong would like to do a “Popup Supper Club” the wheels of my mind stared turning.  This after I said, Supper Club, we’re not that kind of restaurant. Edible Monterey’s mission for the “popup supper clubs” is to nurture our local conscious food community.   Well, Charlie Hong Kong, is a Certified Green restaurant.  We’re committed to using organic produce grown right here on the central coast.  Charlie Hong Kong is alignment with this mission. Thus our Earth Day celebration started to take shape.

But I felt it had to be more then just Charlie Hong Kong serving our Signature vegan bowls.  Then the obvious struck me; the UCSC Farm and Garden, bring them into the equation. Here is this amazing program right in our neighborhood.  Their Apprenticeship Program is educating a new generation of organic farmers.  This gives hope, for that critical mass to shift away from convention argro-business to sustainable, organic farming.  This resource is available to gardeners and our entire community.  I wanted to pay respect to this amazing endeavor.  This is what Earth Day is about.

A number of e-mails and phone calls and UCSC Farm was on board.  The plan: a private tour of the farm, with Liz Milazzo, field production manager, generously offering to be our guide.  It will be very exciting since it’s planting season and she’s the expert.  Then rendezvous at Charlie Hong Kong, for a private tasting from our Signature Vegan Bowls and other menu items.

Yes, this feels like the way to honor Earth Day!  Gratitude, respect, kindness and generosity, the founding principals of Charlie Hong Kong.   The same expression we want to express towards our magnificent earth.

Details: Edible Monterey blog April Supper club

Cost: $20.00-($5.00 goes to UCSC Farm & Garden)

Time: 3 pm meet at Farm then Charlie Hong Kong

Limited space

Sorry Restaurant will be closed during this special event 4:30-5:30