Charlie Hong Kong, Santa Cruz, honors their tradition of closing over the holidays.  We’ll close Dec 24, and open Jan 2.  This is a gift to all our employees, of a much deserved vacation.  It also gives Rudy & I  the opportunity to get work done to the building difficult to do, while we’re open.  Look for the fresh paint job in the lobby, order area, under the awning and all round the outside of the building.  A lot of the work will go unnoticed,  in the kitchen, but will add to making our food even better.

Thank you to all of our friends for supporting us this year.  We are grateful you chose to eat with us.  Our vision guides our commitment to offer healthy, organic (as much as possible), locally grown & distributed, food to you, our customers.  We want to make it easy to nourish yourself and more affordable then preparing your food at home.

It is my joy to feed people healthy delicious food.

May peace emerge one bowl at a time.