Thursday, October 11, at 1 PM, Charlie Hong Kong will celebrate the action: TO BAN PLASTIC BAGS FROM RESTAURANTS. Please join us.  Several of the Board will join us and SOS will be honored for all their hard work.

 Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors, passed an ordinance to ban plastic bags in restaurants.  Pleased by the commitment  and courage of our Board in taking this step to support our oceans and environment, we felt a celebration was called for. Charlie Hong Kong discontinued the use of plastic bags over 1 1/2 years ago,  We figure during this time, just our one restaurants, has kept approximately 70,000 plastic bags from entering the environment.

Plastic bags, the new urban tumble weed, have infiltrated almost every part of our environment.  It’s hard to miss the visual of  plastic bags flat against something in our landscape. Or the image of people walking down  a sidewalk, as a plastic bags floats past them. Or watched a plastic bag caught between buildings riding on air currents and up over the roof.  We’re all to aware of the plastic bags strewn along our freeways.  Recently driving to  visit friends in a lovely county area, I was disturbed by a new scene,  plastic bags dotting the side of the freeway, in this once pristine area.

How can we be committed to our health, eating organic, organic farms, sustainable foods and not be outraged by the flooding of plastic bags into our environment.  I remember my shock the first time I experienced what happens to plastic when exposed to the sun. A hanging plant in a basket lined with plastic required a new home.  I left the empty basket on the patio, where it stayed for some months.  When I finally remove the basket, the plastic lining began to break up.  As I tried to pick-up the plastic, it would break up and blow away.  I experienced this sinking feeling of panic, as I ran around attempting to capture the smaller and smaller pieces of plastic. My  visceral response to the dilemma secured my commitment to finding solutions to all this plastic. Plastic once a modern convenience now a threat to our environment.

I know it’s not simple.  I know I am only one person.  I also never underestimate the difference we make one action at a time.  In fact our actions are our most prized possession.  To commit to our personal health and well being, requires a commiment to the health and well being of our environment. The way I view it, the two are intertwined and reflect each other.

Develop the “Bag-It Habit”.  Bring your own bag for to-go orders 10 times and the 11 time receive a free bowl.  Ask for your card.