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What’s on Your Plate?

by Carolyn on August 18, 2015

What’s on Your Plate?     Laughing Phoenix Red Curry

An interesting question! Charlie Hong Kong cares about what’s on your plate. Our food is free from poisons/pesticides and GMO’s, sustainably grown and harvested, offered at affordable prices. Combining spices, herbs, daily made sauces, organic vegetables, free range chicken, antibiotic/hormone free meats, organic/sustainable salmon-using the elements of earth, water, sky, that nourish. Charlie Hong Kong believes, to eat healthy Real Food, is our birthright.

Our morning kitchen is a feast for all the senses; the sounds of chopping, the smells of aromas rising, the plethora of vibrant colors.  Bringing together the bounty of nature with the work and care of humans. Charlie Hong Kong takes this wild abundance and creates Spicy Dan, Pad Thai, Chow Mein, Vietnamese Chicken Noodle soup and much more.


Harvesting organic greens.

Charlie Hong Kong has deep respect and gratitude, to those responsible for this bounty: the many unseen faces, doing the difficult job of harvesting, the organic farmers, packers, truckers, cooks, restaurant staff, all vital for the food we serve you.

“What’s on my plate?”, think about Charlie Hong Kong.

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Honoring Field Workers

by Carolyn on May 6, 2014

Farm Worker's Luncheon
Farm Worker’s Luncheon
Inspired by my gratitude for the courage of organic farmers and by my long commitment to the  organic movement, I offer a blessing at the beginning of shared meals. Whether with family, friends, holiday meals or special occasions, I take a few moments, to speak this gratitude out loud in the presence of shared company.  It goes something like this.



Before we enjoy this beautiful food, prepared carefully and lovingly for us, I would like to acknowledge the others who are at this table with us.  The many people along the way who touched this food before it arrived on our plate.  In particular, I want to acknowledge the unseen faces of the men and women doing the difficult job in the fields harvesting our produce.  I go onto to mention the organic farmers, the packers, truckers and the chain of many hands responsible for the food in front of us.

Daily produce arrives at Charlie Hong Kong. Daily between 400 to 500 pounds of produce is chopped and prepared. It has always been the commitment of Charlie Hong Kong to serve an abundance of organic greens in our Signature Bowls, as well as offering, our Vegetable Medley.  Since organic chard is a big part of our vegetable mix, honoring the field workers who harvest this chard, seemed like the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day this year. When I proposed the idea to Lakeside Organics, there was an enthusiastic, YES.  Since 2009, Charlie Hong Kong, has purchase over 5000 boxes of chard from Lakeside.  That’s an unimaginable amount of work done in the fields to make sure greens were available to nourish our customers.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel, did an excellent piece of journalism, covering the event.  It was a pleasure, and a joy to witness the happiness on the faces of the men, as they came up from the fields to be greeted by a specially prepared lunch just for them, using the very greens they harvested.

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The Story of Our Sustainable Salmon

September 22, 2013

Most people are aware that salmon is good for you, with it’s low fat, heart and brain supportive, high omega 3′s.  Salmon also contains important vitamins such as vitamins A, B and D.  I’ve heard tales about salmon, once so abundant, you could walk to the other side of a river, on the backs of spawning […]

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November 5, 2012

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New York City Girls Awed By Organic Bounty

August 15, 2012

My niece, from New York City, and her best friend, visited  Santa Cruz, this summer.  They had been dreaming about this trip since junior high.  Having just graduated high school and before heading off to college, their trip became a reality early July.  My niece has visited many times with her family, my brother is […]

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Story Of Our Wheat Noodles

March 28, 2012

Five or six years ago, we received the news, the company that made our noodles was going out of business.  This noodle is called a Hong Kong style noodle or chow mein (which means noodle) noodle.  It’s eggless and made from wheat.  So here was the opportunity: find a new noodle for the favorite Spicy […]

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Take a Stand: No Plastic To-Go Bags

January 12, 2012

I know it’s not easy to change.  I know to change a habit can be inconvenient but sometime the effects the habit causes can be enough to propel a change.  When it came to protecting our precious environment, saying no to plastic bags became a habit I chose to break and in the process took […]

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Eating Healthy- Easier Than Cooking At Home

October 4, 2011

Don’t feel like cooking?  Worried about getting your vitamins, minerals and proteins?  No worries-come into Charlie Hong Kong and you can be reassured you’re nourishing you body with healthy, tasty food that is served up quick! In Santa Cruz there is an organic farmers market almost everyday of the week.  It feels natural, to me, […]

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What’s “Organic Asian Street Food”

June 15, 2011

Why do we refer to our food as “Organic Asian Street Food”?  When traveling through Asia, we (both my husband and I) loved to eat at food stalls that dotted the alleys, markets and roads.  This food represented the region. It was inexpensive, prepared quickly, and very tasty.  Workers, businessmen and women shoppers would stand […]

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Trip to the Desert Reveals Food Desert

April 2, 2011

Recently my husband and I took a get away to Furnace Creek Ranch in Death Valley.  For years I wanted to see the desert wildflowers in March.  With all the late rain this year, I was sure the desert would be a blaze with yellow, blue, pink flowers.  We packed up the car, I loaded […]

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Food As Medicine

February 26, 2011

Charlie Hong Kong takes the point of view, “Food is Medicine”.  We believe you are what you eat.  What you choose to put in your body matters.; matters for your health and well being as well as for the planet.  Many of the ingredients in our recipes are known for their health producing properties.  Beginning […]

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