Earth Day Celebration!

by Carolyn on April 17, 2013

Earth Day is coming and I always like to honor it with a celebration that directly honors the earth herself. Everyday, at the restaurant, we work with foods harvested directly from the earth: organic greens, broccoli, lettuces, green onion, garlic, carrots, daikon, avocado, tomatoes, yams, peanuts, limes, rice as well as, other food products like both wheat and rice noodles, plain and baked tofu, which are prepared  from what grows in the earth. The chicken, pork and beef toppings we serve are roam on the earth.  The Jasmine and Oolong tea leafs, the herbs and spices harvested from the earth.  To work in the kitchen in the early morning, when the cases of produce arrive, to listen to the chopping, to smell the rising aromas, to see the vibrant colors of greens and orange is a feast for all the senses.  This happens beginning early every morning, like playing among the fields, in our kitchen.  To take this wild abundance, and with alchemical magic, create: Spicy Dan, Pad Thai, Chow Mien, Laughing Phoenix, Chicken noodle soup (Pho) and so much more.

And so it is with so much gratitude for the abundant generosity of our earth, Earth Day is in deed a time for celebration.  A time to slow down and thoughtfully acknowledge the offerings from this blue green earth we live on.  All this natural medicine available for nourishing our bodies.  I see Earth Day as a thank you, as an astonishment, a wonder, a joy for the all that is given to sustain us.

This year Charlie Hong Kong’s celebration will benefit Life Lab at UCSC, which offers farm and garden based programs for children and educators.  It’s our way to honor families and their children who choose to “Eat Real”.

Family pledges to Eat Real

Party for children: Sat, April 20th, 10:30-noon, at Charlie Hong Kong, tickets:, under events tab.  Join us for the fun!


Celebration of Plastic Bag Ban for Restaurants

by Carolyn on October 11, 2012

Thursday, October 11, at 1 PM, Charlie Hong Kong will celebrate the action: TO BAN PLASTIC BAGS FROM RESTAURANTS. Please join us.  Several of the Board will join us and SOS will be honored for all their hard work.

 Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors, passed an ordinance to ban plastic bags in restaurants.  Pleased by the commitment  and courage of our Board in taking this step to support our oceans and environment, we felt a celebration was called for. Charlie Hong Kong discontinued the use of plastic bags over 1 1/2 years ago,  We figure during this time, just our one restaurants, has kept approximately 70,000 plastic bags from entering the environment.

Plastic bags, the new urban tumble weed, have infiltrated almost every part of our environment.  It’s hard to miss the visual of  plastic bags flat against something in our landscape. Or the image of people walking down  a sidewalk, as a plastic bags floats past them. Or watched a plastic bag caught between buildings riding on air currents and up over the roof.  We’re all to aware of the plastic bags strewn along our freeways.  Recently driving to  visit friends in a lovely county area, I was disturbed by a new scene,  plastic bags dotting the side of the freeway, in this once pristine area.

How can we be committed to our health, eating organic, organic farms, sustainable foods and not be outraged by the flooding of plastic bags into our environment.  I remember my shock the first time I experienced what happens to plastic when exposed to the sun. A hanging plant in a basket lined with plastic required a new home.  I left the empty basket on the patio, where it stayed for some months.  When I finally remove the basket, the plastic lining began to break up.  As I tried to pick-up the plastic, it would break up and blow away.  I experienced this sinking feeling of panic, as I ran around attempting to capture the smaller and smaller pieces of plastic. My  visceral response to the dilemma secured my commitment to finding solutions to all this plastic. Plastic once a modern convenience now a threat to our environment.

I know it’s not simple.  I know I am only one person.  I also never underestimate the difference we make one action at a time.  In fact our actions are our most prized possession.  To commit to our personal health and well being, requires a commiment to the health and well being of our environment. The way I view it, the two are intertwined and reflect each other.

Develop the “Bag-It Habit”.  Bring your own bag for to-go orders 10 times and the 11 time receive a free bowl.  Ask for your card.




Earth Day “Supper Club”

April 17, 2012

This coming Sunday, April 22, is Earth Day.  There will be celebrations all week, including a Santa Cruz community gathering on Saturday.  How will Charlie Hong Kong honor the occasion?  Being present for the original first Earth Day, was a moving event for me.  What seems to have become a big party, though I’m not […]

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Good-Bye Plastic To-Go Bags

April 15, 2011

We’ve finally made the decision and we’re sticking to it.  As of April 16th the Earth Day celebration in Santa Cruz, Charlie Hong Kong, Santa Cruz will no long use plastic to-go bags.  We’ve  been moving in this direction for the past year.  Then an article in the Good Times, with an accompanying photograph of […]

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Charlie Hong Kong Attends EcoFarm Conference

February 3, 2011

Charlie Hong Kong attended  the 31st Ecological Farming Conference at Aslomar, in Monterey.  We were invited to be on a panel for organic cafe/restaurants. We are the end users of the product that come from the dedication of organic farmers.  The focus of the conference is on sustainable farming.  It is the biggest event of […]

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Good News for Gluten Sensitive

January 20, 2011

I’m really excited about the findings regarding gluten in our soy sauce.  I’m aware that many people are discovering they feel better eating a gluten free diet.  This can be a challenge with Asian inspired food which uses an abundance of soy sauce.  Some time last year, we inquired about a gluten free soy sauce. […]

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Charlie Hong Kong is Open Again

January 5, 2011

We’re open again, after being closed for 9 days. During that time we worked hard, deep cleaning the woks, stoves and every part of the restaurant. Many of the walls and the outside trim were freshly painted. We like to start fresh with an sparkling clean place in the New Year. That tiny kitchen space […]

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Charlie Hong Kong, Santa Cruz, Closes for Holidays

December 24, 2010

Charlie Hong Kong, Santa Cruz, honors their tradition of closing over the holidays.  We’ll close Dec 24, and open Jan 2.  This is a gift to all our employees, of a much deserved vacation.  It also gives Rudy & I  the opportunity to get work done to the building difficult to do, while we’re open. […]

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