In 1998, Charlie Hong Kong was opened on a bustling street corner in Santa Cruz, CA. The purpose: to create a neighborhood eatery with a menu that offers healthy, abundant, flavorful food, at good value, focused on quick-service,  “real” food.

Located in what was formerly a 1950’s ice cream stand, with the colorful addition of a bright green awning, providing a fun family style outdoor patio.

The menu reflects the casual meals eaten at street stands in Southeast Asia.  Charlie Hong Kong is an inspired fusion, of Southeast Asian flavors, with an abundance of locally grown organic produce, in a vegan based menu.

Protein toppings are offered, for those who enjoy fish, chicken & meat. Food prepared fresh and fast, for active busy people who care about what they eat. The idea of healthy street food—a perfect fit.

Charlie Hong Kong reflects the passion of Carolyn and Rudy.  The foundation of their commitment is to the organic farms of the Central Coast, to provide healthy, affordable, sustainable food for their community. They shared a love for eating local food, wherever they find themselves.

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