Charlie Hong Kong Featured In The Good Times

by admin on November 3, 2011

Charlie Hong Kong is a neighborhood eatery, offering noodle and rice bowls inspired by a fusion of Southeast Asian flavors with California organic sensibilities.  The vision: to offer healthy, affordable, “fast” food.  We call it Street Food because this food is intended to be eaten in community for people on the go.  Charlie Hong Kong – easier then cooking at home!

Charlie Hong Kong was recently featured in the Good Times:


By Tara Fatemi Walker

Charlie Hong Kong is more than an affordable place to get Asian-inspired healthy street food. The benefits for your body and soul begin from the moment you walk up to the order window and are greeted by three words painted on the wall: Respect, Kindness, and Gratitude. These are the founding principles of owners Carolyn and Darryl “Rudy” Rudolph, who believe they are integral to the way they treat their staff and their customers.

“By eating here you are saying yes to your body, yes to the environment, and yes to community,” says Carolyn.

The Rudolphs are committed to giving customers inexpensive healthy food. “Organic and affordable normally don’t go together,” she adds. “We buy in bulk to do that, and work hard developing long-term relationships with our vendors.” Most of the produce is from local Lakeside Organic Gardens.

Click Here to read the rest of the article (pdf).


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